The Dilemma of Modern Technology


The Dilemma of Modern Technology

written by M.L. Fauzi

Today we all may possibly witness the rapid development of technology which we could not find in our childhood. It has become an unseparated part of human being’s lives all around the world. Obviously, this existing technology is as an outcome of the progress of science. Much research is always conducted to make inventions more advanced. Whilst it is true that some decades ago only people in Europe and the USA could benefit from these developments, nowadays people from Asian countries can also benefit. Therefore, it is very reasonable to place some Asian countries, such as Japan, China, Korea, and Taiwan on a par as developed countries. However, technological development does not always give an advantage to people; it depends on how they use it. Like two sides of a coin, technology has advantages and disadvantages. Here, I propose two forms of evidence for this.

First of all is the development of information and communication technology. This is one of the technological advances by which most people can easily enjoy. This technology relates to whatever kinds of medium that helps people to get information. It can be television, the telephone, the mobile phone, and the internet. Within the last ten years, the last example, the internet, has played a big role in making people’s jobs easier to do. Someone only needs to send an email or an instant massage to have a contact with someone else in a minute. Students or academics may instantly get data or information about anything and from anywhere just through typing keywords in search engines. However, behind that simplicity, there are also bad effects from the internet. The facilities offered by the internet are sometimes dangerous for children. They may access websites which are not suitable for them, porn sites for instance. Teenagers who have more much knowledge than children may possibly be addicted to the internet. They will waste their time in front of a computer having a chat, through MIRC or other messenger providers, with their friends about unimportant things.

Secondly, along with the development of information technology, industrial sectors have rapidly developed as well. Today, industries use various kinds of sophisticated machines for production. These machines are very effective and useful for producing goods not only in a huge number and in a fast time but also of a good quality. Quality and quantity are the things that have become the main objective of developing industrial machines. Unhappily, through modernization of machines, people sometimes do not consider the right of others to life. Machines often dehumanize the existence of human beings. As an example, a thousand of the fact that employees who work in a cigarette factory must lose their jobs, due to a machine has replaced their function. Subsequently, many people cannot get money to feed their families and send their children to school. Furthermore, the rate of crime will increase swiftly if those unemployed people cannot get a new job. Finally, industrial machines, which are actually helpful in people’s work can, on the contrary, harm people.

Based on the two aforementioned examples, it can be summed up that the technological development has two sides, both advantages and disadvantages. However, it surely depends on how people take control of and get benefits from the technology. 


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