silahkan yang kerso…


ada pengumuman beasiswa lagi nih… saya paste kan langsung dari email aslinya di milis Ispro. tapi kayaknya hanya untuk “kelas berat” deh, he.. he..

From: Piet Hendrardjo []
Sent: 24 Januari 2008 14:42
Subject: Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence Program–Univrsity of Redlands

Dear Fulbright Program alumni:

I am pleased to inform you of the availability of a Fulbright program grant for a senior scholar in the Social Sciences like Sociology or Anthropology to help develop an Islamic Studies program at the University of Redlands, California.  Specifically, the university is looking for a scholar from Indonesia or Malaysia, countries that are predominately Muslim but are not in the Middle East and have significant non-Islamic populations.

The scholar would teach four upper-division courses and guest lecture in two introductory Social Science courses, focusing on the social, ethnic, political and ideological diversity of Islam.  The scholar would also be the primary host of a year-long thematic series for the campus community on the Islamic World.  Finally, the scholar would give presentations hosted by the diversity-related centers on campus and at Faculty Forums, as well as have the opportunity to interact in a variety of ways with the community around the University of Redlands. 

Outstanding scholars and professionals, preferably in the Social Sciences like Sociology or Anthropology, who will be able to link religion to other areas of life, such as law, sexuality, science, kinship, technology, and the environment, are invited to apply.  The actual discipline of the scholar is of less concern;  the school is more interested in reinforcing and deepening the interdisciplinary focus of their programs.  The scholar must hold a Ph.D. or equivalent terminal degree in their discipline.  As the scholar will be expected to consult with faculty and administration on the programmatic needs and design of an Islamic Area Studies and to teach upper division courses, the school would prefer the scholar has a minimum of three years teaching experience at the university level.  The scholar must be a citizen or permanent resident of and residing in Indonesia.   The selected candidate will begin the program in August 2008 for a full academic year (10 months) assignment.

Please let us know if you have potential candidates to recommend so we could send her/him the application and letter of reference forms as well as more detailed information on the assignment.  Please note that the application deadline to AMINEF is February 30, 2008.

We would appreciate your assisting us in identifying potential candidates for this program and direct them to contact us to apply.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or senior program officer Piet Hendrardjo (<a href=”” mce_href=””) at your earliest convenience.  Thank you and best wishes.


Michael E. McCoy

Executive Director


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